• Caleb Kaltenbach

Where to Earn a 100% Online Accredited Masters Degree

Updated: May 13

****This page is regularly updated****

Thinking about getting a masters degree in theology, biblical studies, ministry, or other related subjects? As you already know too well, it costs a lot to uproot your family and move to another city, let alone another state. You, your spouse, or both of you may have a great job that you like, so moving just doesn't make sense. And if you have kids, well... you know how challenging a move can be for them. Thankfully, many Christian seminaries and universities are asking themselves how they can make it easier for YOU (the student) to receive biblical and effective training that results in a degree you're proud of. More and more schools are offering 100% online masters degrees, but few schools are excellent at offering such degrees. This post contains a list of schools that offer online degrees that are done well or very uniquely.

Before you move onto the list, allow me to apologize in advance. You may not find your favorite school listed below. There are SO many Christian educational institutions that offer online degrees that I couldn't have listed all of them. I left some really good schools out--most of which were unintentionally left out. Some schools offer so many programs and/or majors, that it's probably better for you to just go to their page and check them out on your own. So, if you're interested, go check out Liberty University and scroll through their options at your leisure.

When considering which schools should be on this list, I tried to offer a range of schools to choose from. The list below is diverse in theology, denominational affiliation (or lack thereof), degree offerings, size of schools, etc. However, each school I've listed has either regional accreditation or national accreditation. Also, besides a couple of exceptions, the following schools offer 100% online degrees (and those couple of exceptions only require something like 2 days on campus for the duration of your study at their school). While many schools have distance-learning options for some of their degrees that include both online classes and in-person intensive weeks, there are few schools that offer stellar 100% online graduate degrees.

As you peruse this list, keep in mind that just because different schools offer degrees with the same degree title doesn't mean they will cover the same content or teach the content in the same way. This is because, in part, most schools have a unique focus as an institution. For instance, Hope International University is one of the best schools for ministry/practitioner training, The King's University has more of a charismatic theological focus, Dallas Seminary loves Bible exposition, Southern Evangelical Seminary is all about apologetics, and well, you get the drift.

Finally, just because I've listed a school does not mean I endorse every theological belief that school has, so don't "come at me bro!"LOL! If you like education, are thinking about future degrees, or even just appreciate what you read here, take a look at my other posts in this series: obtaining an overseas PhD without moving overseas PhD, earning an overseas masters degree without moving overseas, and PhD distance learning programs in the United States.

Abilene Christian University


**MA in Christian Ministry, Global Service, and Theological Studies

Biola University (Cook School of Intercultural Studies, Crowell School of Business, & Talbot School of Theology)

**MDiv in Pastoral Ministry and Missions & Intercultural Studies

**MA in Bible Exposition, Christian Apologetics, Intercultural Studies, New Testament, Old Testament, Philosophy, Science & Religion, and Theology

**MA in Leadership & Innovation and Master of Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Concordia University Irvine (The Townsend Institute for Leadership & Counseling)

**M.A. in Counseling, Executive Coaching & Consultation, and Organizational Leadership

Dallas Theological Seminary

**MA in Apologetics & Evangelism, Chaplaincy & Ministry Care, Christian Education, Christian Leadership, Christian Studies, Cross-Cultural Ministry, and Media Arts & Worship

**Master of Biblical & Theological Studies

Denver Seminary


**MA in Biblical & Theological Studies, Christian Studies, Leadership, New Testament, and Old Testament

Fuller Theological Seminary

**MDiv in Biblical Studies, Leadership in Times of Change, and Pastoral Counseling

**MA in Intercultural Studies, Theology, and Theology & Ministry

**ThM in Theology (a few days on campus are required)

*****Regardless of which degree you undertake, you can focus on one of the following subjects: African American Church Studies, Ancient Context of the Old Testament, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Asian American Contexts, Children at Risk, Christian Ethics, Church Planting, Global Arts & World Religions, International Development and Urban Studies, Islamic Studies, Race Cultural Identity & Reconciliation, Recovery Ministry, Theology & the Arts, Worship Music Ministry, Worship Theology & the Arts, and Youth Family & Culture

Grand Canyon University


**MA in Christian Leadership, Christian Ministry, Urban Ministry, and Youth & Family Ministry

**MS in Mental Health & Wellness/Christian Ministry

Hope International University (Pacific Christian College of Ministry & Biblical Studies)

**MDiv in Christian Ministry & Leadership, Church Planting, Intercultural Studies, Spiritual Formation, and Worship Ministry

**MA in Ministry in Biblical Studies, Christian Leadership, Church Planting, Intercultural Studies, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Formation, and Children Youth & Family Ministry (single concentration or dual concentration available)

**Dual Degree: MBA & MA in Ministry

Johnson University

**MA in Intercultural Studies in Community Development, Cross-Cultural Engagement, Cross-Cultural Church Planting, Translation, and Customized option

**MA in New Testament in Research, Preaching, Spiritual Formation & Leadership, and Customized option

The King’s University (The King's Seminary)

**MDiv in Ministry or Messianic Jewish Studies

**Master of Practical Theology in Ministry or Messianic Jewish Studies

Lincoln Christian University

**MA in Bible & Theology or Organizational Leadership

Reformed Theological Seminary

**MA in Biblical Studies, Religion, and Theological Studies

Regent University

**MDiv in Biblical Languages, Chaplain Ministry, Christian Discipleship, Chrisitan Theology, Church History, Church & Ministry, Church Planting, Interdisciplinary Studies, Marketplace Ministry, Missiology, New Testament, Old Testament, Online Ministry, Spiritual Formation, and Worship & Media

**MA in Apologetics & Cosmogony, Christian Discipleship, Church Leadership, Church Planting, Evangelism & Mission, Online Ministry, Pastoral Counseling, Practical Theology, and Spiritual Formation

**MTS in Biblical Languages, Biblical Studies, Chrisitan Theology, and Church History

**ThM in Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, Historical Theology, and Practical Theology

Southeastern University


**MA in Biblical Studies, Family Ministry, and Theological Studies

**MA in Ministerial Leadership in Executive Ministry, Leadership, and Ministry

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

**MDiv in International Church Planting and various majors available in the schools of Educational Ministries, Evangelism & Missions, and Theology

**MA in Biblical Counseling, Christian Education, and Worship Leadership

**Master of Theological Studies

**ThM with various majors available in the schools of Educational Ministries, Evangelism & Missions, and Theology

Western Seminary

**MDiv in Biblical/Theological Studies, Chaplaincy, Coaching, Exegetical Studies, Pastoral Studies, and Women's Transformational Leadership

**MA in Biblical & Theological Studies in Biblical/Theological Studies, Chaplaincy, Coaching, Exegetical Studies, Pastoral Studies, and Women's Transformational Leadership

**MA in Global Leadership in Coaching, Developing Cross-Cultural Teams/Leaders, Evangelism/Discipleship/Apologetics, International Business/Business as Mission, Intercultural Counseling, Intercultural Education, Journalism, Linguistics/Translation, Organizational Leadership, Refugee Ministry, and TESOL

**MA in Ministry & Leadership in Biblical/Theological Studies, Chaplaincy, Coaching, Pastoral Studies, and Women's Transformational Leadership

**Master of Applied Biblical Leadership

William Jessup University

**MA in Leadership in Executive Coaching or Ministry