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***The following is a select list of articles that I've authored, co-authored, was interviewed for, or featured in.

Sexuality & Relationships

A Pastor's Journey from Gay Pride Parades to the Pulpit (Christianity Today)

Raised by 3 Gay Parents, Man Vowed to Never Become a Christian — But His Quest to Disprove the Bible Changed Everything (The Christian Post)

He Hated Christianity and Decided to Covertly Attend a Bible Study to 'Dismantle' Biblical Arguments. Then, This Happened (Blaze Media)

Raised by Gay Parents, He Shocked Them by Coming Out as a Christian—and Then a Pastor (Charisma News)

How Should Christians Respond to Gay Friends or Family Members? (Biola University Magazine)

Raised by Gay Parents: Would Anyone Follow a Leader Like Me? (DTS Magazine)

Giving Grace to the LGBT Community (WORLD Magazine)

Pastor with 3 Gay Parents: 'There is a Difference Between Acceptance and Approval' (The Christian Post)


Loving, Accepting, and Agreeing: What's the Difference (City on a Hill Blog)

How to Respond When Someone You Love Comes Out (City on a Hill Blog)

Ninja Christian (Salvo Magazine)

5 Questions With Caleb Kaltenbach, a Pastor Raised by Gay Parents (Boundless, Focus on the Family)

Ministry Leadership


Do You See the LGBTQ Community Through God's Eyes? (Church Leaders)

Creating Alignment to Love LGBTQ Individuals Well (Spire Magazine)

Help for Your Church to Navigate LGBTQ+ Issues with Grace & Truth (Church Leaders)

How the Church Must Respond to Sexual Identity Issues in Both Truth and Grace (The Christian Standard)


Loving Children with LGBTQ Parents (Children's Ministry Magazine)

How the Church Can Engage with the LGBT Community (Church Leaders)

Pastor Shows the Way on the Marriage of Church and Homosexuality (Pittsburg Post-Gazette)

Many Preaching Resources--Use Them Well, part 4 (The Christian Standard)

The Time to Refine Our Focus (The Christian Standard)

A Church Anyone Can Attend (The Christan Standard)

Biblical & Theological​​

Debating Bible Verses on Homosexuality (The New York Times)

Evangelicals Open Door to Debate on Gay Rights (The New York Times)

Balancing Grace & Truth on the LGBT Issue (Sean McDowell Blog)

What Can I Give Him? (The Christian Standard)

Love is Not Based on Agreement: A Response to the Biola Hour on the Tension of Grace and Truth (Biola University Student Life Blog)

Sharing Truth With Your LGBT Loved One Without Pushing Them Away (City on a Hill Blog)

Christmas at the Movies: A Christmas Story (The Christian Standard)

What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality (City on a Hill Blog)

Love the Sinner (City on a Hill Blog)

Living in Tension (The Odyssey Online)

God Responds to Disobedience (The Christian Standard)

Christianity & Society

The Equality Act: Its Impact on Churches and How We Should Respond  (The Christian Standard)

We're Still Choosing Between Barabbas and Jesus (The Christian Standard)

The Day I Fervently Asked Jesus to Come Back (Christianity Today)

How Churches Are Responding To the Polarizing Presidential Election (Los Angeles Daily News)

3 Options for Responding to a Changing Culture (Lifeway Research, Facts & Trends)

The New Year, No Fear Challenge (The Christian Standard)

Intentionality in What is Said Can Take People a Long Way (Ministry Today Magazine)

How Paul Engaged Culture With His Preaching (Ministry Today Magazine)

One-on-One with Caleb Kaltenbach on ‘God of Tomorrow’ (The Exchange, Christianity Today)

Another Day, Another Faux Christian Outrage: Costco's Fiction Bible (The Exchange, Christianity Today)

Costco--the Bible Is Fiction (Fox News)

Costco Apologizes for Calling the Bible "Fiction" (Fox News)

The Attitude That Makes the Difference (The Christian Standard)

Book Reviews

Book Review: What Made Jesus Mad? by Tim Harlow
(The Christian Standard)

My Books & Me

2016 Books of the Year--Messy Grace (World Magazine)

'Messy Grace' Details Pastor's Life with Gay Parents (The Southeast Outlook of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY)

Top 30 Leaders to Follow in 2018 (Brian Dodd Blog)

40 Under 40: Caleb Kaltenbach (The Christian Standard)--I was chosen as one of 40 leaders under 40 YO.

Satire Articles

Easter Service Promoted as 'Unlike Any Other' Was Actually Just Like Any Other

New 'Hunger Games' VBS Theme Fails Miserably

Church Member Recovering After Pastor Throws Captain America Shield into the Congregation

Pastors Include Drive-Bys in Weekend Attendance Figures

The Lead Pastor: XP Edition Pairs a Lead Pastor with an Executive Pastor

'At the Movies' Opens to Mixed Reviews

Youth Sports Families Offer 'Heads-Up'

The Gospel Coalition Creates Dress Code for Calvinists, Arminians

President Trump Breaks Tradition, Eats White House Turkey

'Cane Ridge Revival VBS' Draws Praises

Alexander Campbell Announced as a 2018 NACC Speaker

Christmas Article on Hold as Authorities Investigate Editor's Illness

'No Shaking Hands Sunday' Sparks New Ideas for Sunday Theme

Church Removes Coffee and Doughnuts--Riot Ensues

Freshmen Shocked: Bible College Nothing Like Church Camp

Search Firm Creates Fake Candidates to Scare Lead Pastors

Weekly Offerings Increase After Pastor Threatens Dramatic Interpretation of Leviticus Unless All Members Tithe

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