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Weird, Funny & Interesting Degree Programs

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

As a fan of education, I often run across degree programs that are... unusual to say the least. I've briefly listed some weird, funny, and interesting degrees. Feel free to check back as I will update this list as I discover more programs.

Twist and shout! The University of Liverpool offers an MA in the Beatles!!!

I bet you've always dreamt of studying tourism with the Mormons in Hawaii. Well, believe it or not, BYU has made your dream come true.

According to the University of Melbourne, Australia, the truth is out there. The school awarded a PhD in UFO to a student back in 2008.

The University of Arizona is music to your ears... yes... they offer a Bachelor of Music with a major in the Bassoon!

DePaul University and Emerson College both have BFA degrees in Comedic Arts--no joke!

Study extraterrestrial life from Florida with a BS in Astrobiology from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Meet the only school in the nation where students can earn a degree in citrus biotechnology (e.g., making orange stuff)-- Florida Southern University!

Birmingham City University offers a degree that allows you to study time... and watches...... and clocks........ and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

Get to know your pet better with a degree in Animal Psychology from Bucknell University... the University of Chester also offers a similar degree in Animal Behavior.

Wanna spice up your resume with a yodeling degree? NO PROBLEM! Check out Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland...

This will shock you, but you can earn a graduate degree in arctic engineering from the University of Alaska in Anchorage

Wanna earn a degree in bagpiping? Look no further than Carnegie Mellon University

Believe it or not, the University of Edinburgh offers a graduate degree or Ph.D. in Parapsychology where you can study the paranormal... like ghosts, ESP, psychokinesis, etc.

The University of California at Berkeley offered a BA in Magic and then poof..... it was gone.

You'll be relieved to know that West Virginia University offers a BFA in Puppetry while the University of Connecticut has 2 graduate degrees in Puppetry.

Ride the waves with a Surfing degree from Cornwall College of the University of Plymouth

Become the greatest showman, walk a tightrope, or wrestle a lion with a Circus degree from Bath Spa University in London or a degree in Circus Education from Stockholm University of the Arts, or the coveted Bachelor of Circus Arts from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia.

Place your bets on the Race Track Industry degree from The University of Arizona!

Everything has a place and is neat & tidy in Michigan State University's Ph.D. in packaging.

Thanks to Texas A&M University, turkey is more than a Thanksgiving dish... you can now have turkey for a degree in poultry science.

Gordon Ramsay would be proud of Kansas State University! K-State is the only university in the USA to offer a bachelor's degree in bakery science and management. Also, you can earn a cereal chemistry minor... there's some dough to be made here (pun intended)!!!

The prestigious University of Kent currently offers a graduate degree that will teach you about the relationship between plants and humans....... how do you explain that degree to your friends and family???

One student designed his own major at Indiana University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in enigmatology (the art of solving puzzles and problems).

Tell a better story with East Tennessee State University's MA in Storytelling!


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