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Weird, Funny, and Interesting Courses

The following courses have been or currently are offered in rotation at the following colleges... enjoy!

To start, Brown University students can take The Meaning of Life class...

Maybe students need to be reminded of the basics... Well, Princeton University offers a class on Getting Dressed. Students can also enroll in a course called How to Waste Time on the Internet at the University of Pennsylvania. Other interesting classes include Stupidity at Occidental College, Failure at New York University, or Gossip at Cornell University. Then, to prepare for life, the University of Iowa offers The American Vacation, while Santa Clara University has a course entitled The Joy of Garbage. Those enrolled at the University of Sioux Falls can improve their love life with the popular Finding Dates Worth Keeping class.

Alfred University can help you Create Your Own Religion (I wouldn't recommend enrolling in this class).

UC Berkeley has a class called Physics for Future Presidents... because... I don't know... future presidents need a secret view of physics?

Circus Arts is an option at Triton College, while Maple Syrup is an open class at Alfred University.

Sign up for How to Win a Beauty Contest at Oberlin College, study Memeology at the University of Texas- Austin, learn about Virtual People at Stanford University, capture better photos of yourself in Selfie Class at USC, or take the public spotlight by storm in Going Viral at Montclair State University.

At MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), students can take PE for ME or Street-Fighting Mathematics classes. Maybe you want to get back to nature? Try out a tree climbing class at Binghamton University or Cornell University. Out of all schools, Rutgers University has an Underwater Basket Weaving class. Surfing is an option at Coastal Carolina University, Pepperdine University, and UC Santa Barbara. Looking for more of a low-key option? Try The Amazing World of Bubbles at Cal Tech. And... students can go juggling at Reed College.

Beyoncé is represented in classes at Rutgers University and Texas Christian University. Students can immerse themselves in The Beatles at UCLA or even obtain a graduate degree in Beatlemania at The University of Liverpool. Learn more about Jay Z and Kanye at the University of Missouri- Columbia. It could be that you want to just take classes that only feature Kanye at Georgia State University and Washington University in St. Louis. Taylor Swift is the subject of at least one class at both New York University and the University of Texas- Austin.

Want to study more celebrities? No problem! Other celebrity classes include:

  • Bruce Springsteen (Rutgers University)

  • Dave Chappelle (Vassar College)

  • Elvis (University of Iowa)

  • Lady Gaga (University of South Carolina)

  • Miley Cyrus (Skidmore College)

  • Oprah Winfrey (University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign)

  • K-Pop (Skidmore College)

  • Tupac Shakur (University of Washington)

  • Harry Styles (Texas State University)

  • Prince 101 (New York University)

  • Whoopi Goldberg (Bates College)

Study The Simpsons at Hofstra University, Indiana University, UC Santa Barbara, or UC

Berkeley. Portland State University and Oberlin College both offer a class on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oberlin College also offers classes on the following series/movies: Calvin & Hobbes, Fight Club, The Office, and Twin Peaks (David Lynch's series).

  • American Pro Wrestling (MIT)

  • American Soap Operas (MIT)

  • Breaking Down Breaking Bad (SUNY Buffalo)

  • The Disney Feature: Then & Now (UCLA)

  • Dr. Seuss (Appalachian State University)

  • The Game of Thrones (University of Virginia)

  • Horror Films 101 (Rutgers University)

  • Hunger Games (American University)

  • Judge Judy (UC Berkeley)

  • Jurrasic Park (Hood College)

  • Mad Men (Middlebury College)

  • Mean Girls (Colorado College)

  • Monty Python (Thiel College)

  • The O.C. (Duke University)

  • Seinfeld (SUNY Oswego)

  • The Sopranos (University of Calgary)

  • South Park (McDaniel College)

  • Stranger Things (Indiana University)

  • Twilight Zone (Indiana State University)

Are you an adventure or science fiction fan? One of Centre College's most popular classes is called Myth & Science Fiction: Star Wars, The Matrix, and the Lord of the Rings. Speaking of--you can study JRR Tolkien at Marquette University or learn Elvish at the University of Wisconsin- Madison.

The University of Notre Dame offers a class that always has a waiting list called Unmasking the Way: Theology of and for The Mandalorian. Other schools that have Star Wars classes include Luther College, Queen's University Belfast, San Francisco State University, the University of Denver, the University of Central Florida, and West Valley College in Saratoga, CA.

Students can take classes on Star Trek at Georgetown University, Indiana University, Linfield University, or Santa Clara University. Want a more narrow study? Try Invented Languages: Klingon and Beyond at the University of Texas- Austin.

Perhaps you're a Muggle interested in the Harry Potter university? I had to list some of the classes on Harry Potter because, in some cases, the titles are hilarious:

  • Battling Against Voldemort (Swarthmore College)

  • The Creative Impact of Harry Potter (University of Pennsylvania)

  • Deconstructing Hogwarts (Chapman University)

  • Defense Against the Dark Arts (College of the Holy Cross)

  • Ethical Leadership in the Wizarding World (Drake University)

  • Finding Your Patronus (Oregon State University)

  • Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion (Durham University)

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Soul (Monmouth College)

  • Harry Potter's Library (Kansas State University)

  • Harry Potter: Literary Tradition and Popular Culture (Otis College of Art & Design)

  • Harry Potter Literature (Ohio State University)

  • Harry Potter & Western Culture (University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign)

  • Harry Potter: Understanding Good and Evil (High Point University)

  • To Hogwarts, Harry- An Intensive Study of Harry Potter Through the British Isles (Central Michigan University)

  • Knights of Old & Harry Potter (Georgetown University)

  • The Many Faces of Harry Potter (University of Western Ontario)

  • Muggles, Mermaids, and Metaphors: Race in Harry Potter (Stanford University)

  • Popular Potter (University of Waterloo)

  • Science of Harry Potter (Frostburg State University)

  • Topics in British Literature: Harry Potter's Real Parents (Utica College)

  • Topics in Literature: Harry Potter's Objects (University of Maine)

  • What if Harry Potter is Real? (Appalachian State University)

Not a Harry Potter fan?

Well, check out Zombies at Columbia University, Michigan State University, and the University of Mississippi. Additionally, the prestigious Temple University offers a class entitled: UFOs in American Society. Anyone can enroll in a course on Superheroes at Oberlin College and UC Irvine. Believe it or not, Cyborg Anthropology is an option at Lewis & Clark College. Or learn how to build Personal Robots at MIT. Take Skyrim to the next level at Rice University or do the same with StarCraft at UC Berkeley.

MIT has an interesting class called The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil. Or study Serial Murder at High Point University.

Solve the JFK Assassination in classes at schools like Marquette University, Radford University, Southern Methodist University, University of Illinois Law School, UC Santa Cruz, or the University of Texas- Austin.

Ball State University has a class titled Fast Food, Werewolves, and Other Victorian Obsessions... and that's all I have to say about that...

Go further with literature study in Those Sexy Victorians at the University of Mississippi, Xtreme Lit at Northern Illinois University, The Vampire in Literature & Cinema at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, and Things that Go Bump in the Night at Hampshire College.

Strange and funny classes that I had no clue on how to categorize include:

  • Alien Sex (University of Rochester)

  • Cow to Cone (Penn State University)

  • A History of the Pig in America (Xavier University)

  • Oh, Look! A Chicken! (Belmont University)

  • The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie (Occidental College)

  • Wordplay: A Wry Plod from Babel to Scrabble (Princeton University)


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