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35 Invite Ideas For Easter

Easter and Christmas are two of the EASIEST times of the year to invite someone to church. Studies show that most people will accept an invitation during these two seasons. It's my personal belief that if you're fully engaged in your church, then you should bring at least one person with you to Easter services. However, it can be intimidating to invite someone to church--especially if you're not used to it. So, here are 35 ways that you can invite someone to Easter this week (note: some suggestions are jokes):

1. Invite them in person (aka, have a personal conversation).

2. Ask those closest to you to attend church with you.

3. Share your story of how Jesus has made you life better and given you hope.

4. Send them a text or an email... or maybe even an e-vite!!!

5. Give them a ride to service.

6. Don't be a jerk to anyone this week.

7. Babysit their kids the following week if they go to church.

8. Make sure to sit with them in service.

9. Promise to take them out to eat afterwards.

10. Blackmail them.

11. Utilize your social media... tag friends in a post.

12. Take them to a movie during the week.

13. Make a 30 second video and text it to your friends.

14. Tell them jokes until they can't stand it anymore and they agree to go.

15. Buy them a card and write a personal invitation note in it.

16. Threaten violence if they don't attend.

17. Give them a plastic easter egg with candy and an invitation note inside.

18. Buy them a cup of coffee and invite them.

19. Leave a note on their door with cookies, flowers, an Easter basket, etc.

20. Perofrm an act of service for them.

21. Host a dinner this week, invite people, then invite them to church.

22. Go with them to an Easter service on another day other than Sunday.

23. Watch an Easter service online with them in their home or your home.

24. Give them money... or give me money.

25. Offer to discuss the service over a meal after the service.

26. Have their friends invite them to church too.

27. Bring donuts to everyone in your work or gym if just one person will come to church with you

28. Put up a flyer in your coffee house, gym, etc.

29. Have your kids invite their friends in school to church.

30. Get other members of their families to attend church with you.

31. Be specific... Let them know the aspects of the Easter experience they will enjoy.

32. Direct them to your church website so they can check out the church beforehand.

33. Send them a link to last year's Easter service so they can have an idea of what it'll be like.

34. Just ask.

35. Pray.

However you can, find a way that works for you and invite someone to church for Easter services. A relationship with Jesus Christ is the BEST thing that could ever happen to anyone. Give your loved one that gift this Easter!!!


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