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I'm Caleb

I love Jesus!!!!
I also love people, enjoy speaking & writing,
studying theology, rooting for the Chiefs, geeking out on
Star Wars, and am glad Thanos lost.
About Me
About Me

Caleb Kaltenbach is Research Pastor at Shepherd Church in Los Angeles and founder of The Messy Grace Group where he helps churches love and foster community with LGBTQ individuals without sacrificing theological convictions. He's the author of Messy TruthGod of Tomorrow, and Messy Grace (where he discusses being raised in the LGBTQ community, following Jesus, and how loving others doesn’t require shifting beliefs).


Besides speaking, writing, and consulting, Caleb has been guest with or featured in The New York Times, Fox and Friends, The Glenn Beck Show, The Eric Metaxas Show, Christianity Today, Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast, Church Leaders Podcast, The 700 Club, unSeminary Podcast, Moody radio shows, Q Ideas Podcast, Dallas Seminary Table Podcast, and more. 


A graduate of Ozark Christian College and Talbot School of Theology (Biola University), he received his doctorate from Dallas Theological Seminary. In addition to having served as a lead pastor and associate pastor, Caleb has served on the boards of ministries and colleges. He and his family live in Southern California.


In a time when we’re pressured to choose between convictions and compassion, my friend Caleb urges us to stand for both. His experiences, beliefs, ministry, and empathy make him a needed voice in today’s culture.

~Carey Nieuwhof, Author of Didn't See It Coming


Caleb’s ability to help us adhere to both biblical truth and grace towards the LGTBQ community has been a blessing to the body of Christ!! His ministry has enriched my life and others greatly!

~Bryan Carter, Senior Pastor, Concord Church


Caleb is a trusted person of character who connects with all types of people. He has a profound ability to see things from fresh angles, presents his ideas in compelling ways, and his love for others is contagious.

~Jud Wilhite, Senior Pastor, Central Church & author of Pursued


I am so grateful for Caleb Kaltenbach’s book Messy Grace... it contains everything I have been attempting to communicate over the years when it comes to how Christians should relate to the LGBT community.

~Jackie Hill Perry, Author, Bible Teacher, Hip-Hop Artist


Caleb cuts through the confusion and talks about what it really means to love people and what is really means to follow God—and how they’re not mutually exclusive ideas.

~Reggie Joiner, Founder & CEO of Orange


After Caleb spoke at my church, the social media world was abuzz with this being one of the best sermons they had ever heard. He has a heart for people and it shows in his attitude.

~Mark Lee, Lead Pastor, Vantage Point Church


Caleb is the perfect leader for times like this. He is a great thinker and a compelling communicator. He is the best I have seen at teaching this generation to love everyone without sacrificing their convictions.

~Ray Johnston, Senior Pastor, Bayside Church


Kaltenbach is a voice of hope for Christians struggling to remain at ease despite the uncertainties of today.

~Barry Corey, President, Biola University & author of Loving Kindness


My friend Caleb not only has a heart for God and people, but he’s passionate about helping churches to understand how to love people well.

~Dr. Efrem Smith, Author, Co-Lead Pastor, Midtown Covenant Church- Sacramento


Caleb’s life story is rich with diversity and has given him truly unique insights as to how people see both Christians and the Church. His understanding of how God’s grace practically applies to all the messy situations church leaders have to deal with is refreshing and truly helpful.

~Mark Montemayor, Leadership & Strategic Planning Consultant


Caleb has been a great asset to our ministry. He is so easy to work with, an excellent leader & understands what it truly means to love people while simultaneously following and obeying Christ.

~Heather Mahoney, Next Gen Director, Crossroads Grace Church


I love Caleb’s disarming style of delivering tough, enduring truths. He is an authentic voice for this generation.

~Dennis Rainey, CoFounder of FamilyLife, a CRU Ministry

Caleb's Books, Studies & Devotionals (click on image below)
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Messy Grace Group
Messy Grace Group
Churches can love LGBTQ individuals without sacrificing their convictions

I started The Messy Grace Group to help churches honor their values and lovingly understand LGBTQ individuals. Since 2017, I've worked with 70+ churches (from church plants to attendances of 30,000+), 10 ministries, 7 denominations, several higher learning institutions (colleges, universities, seminaries), and numerous leaders. I believe your church/ministry can develop systems & practices that reflect your beliefs while engaging the LGBTQ reality in grace and truth. Whether it's teaching, conflict management, problem solving, working with families, staff, volunteers, and more, I want to help. With Christ-centered values, empathy, and authenticity, we can lead through the tension of grace and truth! 

We offer:
  • Preaching & teaching
  • Personal coaching
  • Parent and family talks
  • Consulting & coaching for staff teams, ministry depts, boards, volunteers, etc.
  • Policy drafting and review
  • Strategic planning
  • Seminars, classes, breakouts, etc.
  • Conflict resolution & problem solving
  • Sermon, lesson & curriculum planning
  • And more...

Caleb is able to and has experience working with different types of churches and leaders. He has an unusual ability to help people navigate nuance in situations and ideas.

~Jason Caine, Lead Campus Pastor, Bayside Church Blue Oaks Campus


Caleb has a powerful story. He’s one of the most authentic and real people I know. I'm thankful for the time our team spent with him.

~Aaron Brockett, Senior Pastor, Traders Point Christian Church

Speaking Request & Contact Form
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Caleb is the voice that the church has needed. His testimony gives him unmatched credibility to be heard and respected on both sides of the LGBTQ discussion. He has helped our church walk confidently in the tension of grace and truth that Jesus Himself demonstrated. I can’t thank Caleb enough for all he’s done.

~Brian Hunt, Senior Pastor, Crossroads Grace Community Church

Thanks for reaching out. I'll be in touch soon!

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